"Minimalism is not defined by what is not there, but by the rightness of what is."  John Pawson

*I have SO much I want to share this week, but schedule wise it may be a few days before I get around to the good stuff. Until then, XO!

Photos: Arne Jacobsen's Series 7 chair, 1955 (reproduction in photo); Céline, Spring 2011


Vogue, October 1944

The colors on this cover caught my eye a few weeks ago, but I've waited until today - officially October - to post it. The motif is classic fall and those lemons paired with that gray fabric feels so now it kills me (this was British Vogue's first still life cover, shot by the late great Irving Penn). Happy October! 


Par avion


I am notorious for being sans umbrella when it rains - in a real pinch I'll rely on the $5 stock hawked by the street vendors at 18th and K. DC's recent deluge however has got me thinking it's probably time for a change, that I finally ought to pick out a good umbrella and use it more than once. And wouldn't this one be perfect?! I just love those old air mail stripes (there's a word for it - aerophilately, how fun is that to say?!). And it's hardly a surprise that the designer, Barbara Rihl, is super cute and inspiring - she studied under Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander and just opened the Barbara Rihl flagship in Paris in June. According to Nirit Sumeruk for Vogue Italia, "Her creations reflect her enthusiasm for travel, fashion, and finesse and over all a bright sense of humor." My kind of girl!


Pearls of wisdom


Of all the photographs I snapped in Italy during my studying abroad days of yore, this is among my very favorite. I totally remember thinking I just had to get a shot of that turban. It wasn't until much later that I noticed the beautiful baublely pearls peeking out from under her coat. Lustrous, aren't they?! I love too how you can almost imagine what she looks like, just from the faces of her (presumable) husband and daughter in the background. 


Design school chic

Longchamp's "Artitude" collection caught my eye last winter, right about the time I decided I'd for sure be heading to grad school in the fall. I thought that bag - with its calf skin handles and painterly brush strokes - would be just the thing for running between work and class, pencils and sketchbooks and rulers in tow. And then the clutch is perfect for going from class off into the evening. And then I kinda forgot all about them until today when they turned up in an old e-mail file. Seeing them again, I think I'm even more smitten! Now - to track them down. They were part of the spring 2010 collection, no longer available online. Let the hunt begin...