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Emma for Vogue

Just when I thought British Vogue's November 1949 cover was the darned chicest thing I'd ever seen, the December 2010 cover is out - Miss Watson, looking every bit our heroine, resplendent in that gauzy bow. Shot by Mario Testino, it's heaven sent indeed, and I can't wait until it hits newsstands!


Travel, cars, winter fashions

Have you ever seen anything so smart?! British Vogue, November 1949. No word on the photographer or the name of the cover girl - all I know is she's sporting so many gorgeous shades of green I can't even take it. Happy November! XO


Vogue, October 1944

The colors on this cover caught my eye a few weeks ago, but I've waited until today - officially October - to post it. The motif is classic fall and those lemons paired with that gray fabric feels so now it kills me (this was British Vogue's first still life cover, shot by the late great Irving Penn). Happy October! 


Art of the sketch

I had one delicious hour free last night before Mad Men (can we please discuss Sally's contagious Beatles scream and Trudy's GLORIOUS maternity wear?) and I spent every minute of it poring over the pages of September's British Vogue (which, by the way, haven't they been killing it lately with their covers?! This one has Kate Moss looking impossibly cool, as she's wont to do, in a navy peacoat, and then gorgeous colors on October's, heralding the "return of 60s glamour" - sign me up!). Anyway, tearing on through, I came across this one tiny article by Charlotte Sinclair, reviewing David Downton's new book, Masters of Fashion Illustration. It sounds ahh-mazing. In the book, Downton - himself a highly acclaimed fashion illustrator - has included the work of several artists who have influenced his development (Erté, René Bouché, and Andy Warhol among them), as well as some of his own "sinuously elegant drawings". There's something about a sketch - any sort of sketch - that inspires more in me than photographs ever seem to, and in this regard I suspect I'm not alone (I'm thinking now of Garance - fashion illustrator du jour and the one I most admire - whose fans are legion). Even now as I Google around "fashion illustration" I'm driven to distraction by some of the stuff I'm finding. Just amazing. Expect many follow up posts here! But I digress - I'll let Sinclair sum things up: "In the age of iPads and live-stream catwalk shows, fashion illustration is a dying art. Hence the joy of [Downton's book]." Joy indeed, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

P.S. After all that, I had to use one of my favorite Garance drawings to illustrate this post. Citron and leopard strewn about a rather quite pretty chair upholstered in stripes - how could I resist? XO


A magician of her time

"Marit Allen's talent was a rare combination of gifts: the capacity to observe, the freedom to imagine, the empathy to understand, the skill to create and the intelligence to use all of them with heart."

                                                                                 -Joan Juliet Buck, British Vogue, April 2008