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Window dressing

Asked how a couturier might approach decorating a home, Oscar de la Renta replied, "I would never try to dress a woman like a couch, or a couch like a woman." Well, of course - just because you want to upholster your chairs in, say, China Seas Aga Reverse, it doesn't mean you'd want to waltz around in a gown to match. But upholstery notwithstanding, I do think there's a real interplay between what I like to wear and what I've done with my apartment. Crisp white shirts? Crisp white couch. Blue pajamas? Chambray duvet. Neon bangles peeking out from under a camel cashmere sleeve? (okay I'm getting ahead of myself, still wayyy too warm for sweaters!)... but the neon bangles are like the picture on my wall with a hot pink matte, one among an otherwise basic collection of black and white frames. And anyway doesn't Miles Redd - creative director of Oscar de la Renta Home - doesn't his drapery above remind you a bit sort of H.R.H.'s most delicious bridal confections? I'd wear those windows down the aisle faster than you'd want to point out they're not even white.

But I digress! I'm quite certain I couldn't pull off this Albertus Swanepoel for J.Crew fedora, and yet I think it's the yummiest leopard print I've ever seen. And remember when I said there's nothing like a good huntery-featherish-green to get me falling all over myself hoping for clouds and wind and rain? It's on my mind again - I'm working on new pillows for my couch and I'm on the look out for fabric that's sufficiently Barbourish and leopardy. If they turn out anything like this coat and hat, I'll have succeeded.