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A visual life

So darn inspiring.


Rock and wool

Happy Monday! Incredible fall weekend here in D.C. - crispy cable knit sweater weather and I loved every minute. Among other things (does anybody know how to preserve boxwood leaves?) I made headway with a big studio project (more on that later!) and then checked a bunch of other stuff off my list of things to do before this Friday's trip out west. Which brings me to our first matter of business. A fall wedding in San Diego. What to wear? I immediately thought of these photos, posted last month by Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, respectively. I looove the look of a wool crew neck pulled on over a full-ish skirt. It's so cozy, and yet, so chic! And while I'm certain my own take will hew decidedly toward the cozier end of the cozy/chic spectrum, I think it might be just the thing for this weekend's coastal revelry!

(Photos of Mary Kate Steinmiller here and here)


Whatever it is, they've got it


You may have noticed these two yesterday on The Sartorialist, featured together in a different photo. And if you're anything like me, then you peered into your closet, sizing up your own denim shirt and your old torn up jeans because the Washington weather's finally right for jeans and you have to run to Trader Joe's for a bag of spinach and Jenna, ahh, she just looks so cool. And then, if we're even more alike, you talked yourself right out of it, embarrassed you even considered it, there is, of course, only one Jenna Lyons. And only one Amanda Brooks, too. These shots are from today's "On the Street" slideshow on vogue.com. I didn't even recognize Amanda (of Vogue, I Love Your Style, and crisp white shirt fame) at first - her shades stole the show! And those pants, killer color. I so admire them both, and how they trot out their own special brands of style consistently and with such aplomb - Vogue and J.Crew are all the better for it.